3 Tips for A Strong Shooting Grip

If you’ve spent any time reading firearm blogs or forums, you’ve noticed that the subject of shooting speed is one of the most discussed.  And usually, the most popular recommendations include handgun slide cutouts and/or experimenting with recoil guide spring rods.  I usually chuckle a bit when reading these recommendation, because however well-meaning, they overlook the most obvious answer: grip strength.

Possessing a strong grip, not only aids weapon retention, especially in slick conditions, but also assists with recoil management.  A strong grip can significantly reduce recoil, allowing your firearm’s sights to return on target considerably faster between shots.

After watching the video above, here are some additional pointers for your consideration:

Tip 1

  • This is also a great technique to utilize when a gripper exceeds your current grip strength capabilities.  Perform as many normal reps as possible and finish with a few of these special reps.

Tip 2

  • You can perform repetitions with both spring positions back-to-back.  Begin with the spring pointed downward, perform as many repetitions as possible and immediately perform additional repetitions with the spring pointed upward.
Tip 3
  • This technique is strongly recommended for law enforcement officials.  Recent advancements in non-lethal technologies have provided law enforcement officials with a greater choice of safer use-of-force-options, but this technology comes with a price: it adds to the equipment an officer must diligently protect from a takeaway.  Accordingly, law enforcement officers must possess grip strength capable of generating force in a multitude of positions, defending their weapons from attack in multiple directions.  The grip strength required to defend an item located on the rear of your duty belt is considerably different from the strength required to protect your firearm located on your strong side.  This difference in grip strength requirements is due to the different positions of the hands and forearms when generating strength.
If you feel your grip is lacking, or if your shooting partners have sufficient time to go to the local Starbucks when you’re between double taps, give my three tips a try.
FYI: Every pair of Captains of Crush grippers I own, were purchased with my own funds at full retail price.  I receive no compensation recommending these grippers.  I endorse them, because of their quality construction.

2 thoughts on “3 Tips for A Strong Shooting Grip

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