Firearms and Forearms: Relieving Forearm Pain for Shooters

If you’ve been shooting firearms for a considerable period of time, chances are, you’ve experienced forearm pain.  Generally, the main cause of forearm pain among firearms enthusiasts is due to the over development of the forearm flexors.  Utilized when squeezing firearm grips and/or stocks, you overdevelop these muscles at the expense of your forearm extensors, muscles utilized when curling your wrist backwards.  The strength and usage differences between these two muscles grip is what primarily leads to what’s referred as golfer’s and tennis elbow.  However, forearm flexor pain is not only experienced by firearm enthusiasts, but anyone practicing any of the grappling arts (BJJ, wrestling), as well as construction workers and auto mechanics.

The solution is simple, to relieve the tension in the tight muscles, but not always easy to implement.  Hiring a qualified bodyworker to manually release the tension, can cost upwards of $250/hour.  Fortunately, there is both a simple and effective, but little known technique you can utilize RIGHT NOW.

The key however, is to practice the one of the techniques on a consistent basis.  Keep in mind, 2-3 five minutes sessions daily, will prove more effective than 15 minute session twice a week.  Also, once you forearm pain has diminished or been relieved, it’s vital that you keep performing these techniques.  As we say in the USN diver community “it’s easier to keep up, than to catch up.”


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