Vertx Tactical Pants Endurance Test: Week 3

Hard to believe three weeks has already passed, but as the cliché goes…time flies when you’re having fun.

This week’s testing protocol relied on an old favorite exercise, tire flips and introduced a new one, barbell split squats.  As I’ve already mentioned, when it comes to testing a material’s ability to withstand and endure  prolonged exposure to abrasive surfaces, a heavy equipment tire is hard to beat.  By the end of week three, I have already performed over 830 tire flips, with an average of 93 tire flips being performed per training session.

Monday’s session: 100 tire flips in under 30 minutes

The barbell split squat, was my go-to exercise for testing the functionality and execution of Vertx’s version of the gusseted crotch.  The purpose of the gusseted crotch, is to allow a great freedom of movement for the legs by sewing a delta shaped piece of material into the crotch region.

The barbell split squat, due to the extreme range of motion performed in a split stance, provided immediate feedback as to its performance…it worked as advertised.  Normally, when descending into a full split squat position while wearing exercise pants, the extreme stretch required, pulls down the rear wasteband…and worrying about plumber’s crack is not ideal when you have over 135 lb on your shoulders.  Additionally, I was able to descend into a full split stance without the need to prepare the pants by hiking the pant legs up over my hip crease.  A more experienced wordsmith would probably explain this better for you, but I have video…and if a picture is worth a thousand words, then my 1080p HD video speaks volumes.

*BTW, notice the pair of Magnum Cobra 8.0 boots I’m wearing allow for maximum ankle flexibility*

The rest of the week consisted of more tire flips and exercises I’ve already captured on video, so no need to re-visit those.

July 21, 2012

After washing the pants and allowing them time to dry, I noticed the first signs of wear on the right pants leg, specifically on the thigh region, where the tire makes contact with the pants.  If you recall from Week 1, I  decided to intentionally use the same leg for all tire flips during the nine week endurance test.  While this will lead to an overdevelopment of my right leg, it provides us an opportunity to compare the right pants leg vs. the left pant leg, which acts as a “control.”

Over 800 tire flips and the pants finally display some wear

The wear showing on the right leg, is not overly noticeable or even unsightly, but appears more of a slight discoloration.

Overall, the pants are performing well…perhaps even better than advertised.  However, we’re only one-third into the endurance testing and I still have a few more surprises in store.

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