Tactical Gloves Performance Endurance Test: Week 2

Week 2 of my endurance testing continued with more tire flips as well as hanging pull exercises, such as numerous chin up/pull up variations.  Fortunately, the learning curve for my nervous system was shorter than expected and my speed and efficiency in the tires flips improved dramatically.  And while the gloves definitely protect my hands from the abrasive tire surface, my grip still doesn’t seen as secure as it does with skin on tire contact.

Some additional concerns and observations:

  1. A rougher or textured finish to the gloves, whether natural or synthetic leather, would greatly enhance the “gripability” factor and increase confidence while wearing the gloves.
  2. Sweat panels should come standard on ALL shooting/tactical gloves.
  3. The 5.11 TAC A2’s synthetic leather is considerably thinner than Blackhawk’s S.O.L.A.G., making them especially useful when precision or fine motor control is needed or for wearing in high temperatures.
  4. The thicker synthetic leather of the Blackhawk’s gloves would serve well in cooler environments or where the risk of hand injuries are high: climbing walls/fences, barber wire, etc.
  5. 5.11 TAC A2’s “reinforced saddle” between the thumb and index finger would extend the life of the gloves if you repeatedly carry small diameter objects: ammo canisters, buckets, shovels, etc.
  6. Much like tactical pants having a “higher cut” rear waistband, to keep from exposing your backside while bending over, the 5.11 TAC A2’s have a higher cut on the inside of the wrist.  Not only will this offer greater protection for the inside of the wrist (chafing from uniforms or gear), but prevents a gap from forming and keeping debris out, while moving your hands.  Plus the reinforced/synthetic leather tab on the inner wrist cuff is a nice detail.

Inside Wrist Coverage: 5.11 Tactical TAC A2 left hand, Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G. right hand

As I stated last in last weeks update, allow for 2-3 weeks of wear for your hands and nervous system to get used to the effects the gloves are going to have on your coordination and strength levels.  Initially, your shooting times and the amount of work you can perform in them will decrease, but as you continue to wear them, your times and workloads will return to normal.  This will mostly impact activities which require speed (weapons manipulation) or the carrying of heavy implements (ammo cases).

Quick Links:

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2 thoughts on “Tactical Gloves Performance Endurance Test: Week 2

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